SKINZIT® Instructions and Cleaning

Instructions & Cleaning


Prior to using SKINZIT® Fish Skinner, remove fillet from fish as normal. 

  1. Rib Extraction:  Lay filet skin side down on flat surface.  Place SKINZIT® Fish Skinner over top of fillet at a 45° angle, just before the rib cage. Firmly depress hand lever.  While maintaining that pressure, squeeze trigger, causing the roller to begin moving.  Move skinner into ribs in a forward motion.  Once ribs are extracted, stop operation by releasing both the hand lever and trigger.

  2. Skin Removal:  Lay fillet skin side up with the tail end of the fish facing away from you.  Place SKINZIT® Fish Skinner directly in front of fillet, with one hand on skinner and the other hand holding the tail end of fillet (this will ensure fillet does not slide away during operation.  Squeeze hand lever firmly then apply pressure to the trigger, beginning the rolling motion of the unit.  Move slowly in a forward motion to remove skin from fillet.  When there is roughly an inch of skin remaining on the fillet, release the throttle trigger, grasp the fillet, pulling it away from the remaining attached skin. This will prevent skin from continuing through the device once is has been removed. IMPORTANT TIP: For optimal results, apply constant pressure on hand lever.


  1. Unplug unit from power source prior to cleaning.
  2. Remove Roller:  Flip out Roller Release and turn ¼ turn.  Slide roller shaft out of housing to release roller.
  3. Wash roller and roller shaft with water.  Dry with soft towel.
  4. Wipe down remainder of unit with a damp cloth.  Dry with soft towel.
  5. Allow parts and unit to dry completely before reassembling.
  6. Reassemble Unit:  Holding roller back in original position, take roller shaft and slide back into place.  To ensure proper installation, the hex opening on roller should be on same side into which the shaft slides.  Roller will only secure into place one way.​

Keep out of reach of children.


For optimal operation, we recommend initially and then periodically lubricating the roller shaft with synthetic water resistant grease.  Do not attempt to open motor housing.

How to Clean Video
This video demonstrates how to properly clean the SKINZIT® Electric Fish Skinner

This video is about SKINZIT® Lubrication. The SKINZIT® Fish Skinner by Ultimate Fishing Gear is the fastest, cleanest way to remove rib bones and skin a fish fillet.